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Pirin National Park

Due to its unique biologic diversity and impressive nature formations of Pirin, the government of the Republic of Bulgaria has defined an area of more than 40 000 hectares in the mountain as protected territory – Pirin National Park. This bit of nature is priceless Bulgarian and world wealth included in the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Program.

Hospitable and stern, the magnificent Pirin Mountain is located in Southwest Bulgaria, between the valleys of the rivers Struma and Mesta.

Pirin is one of the oldest mountains in Europe. The last powerful uplift has happened during the Glacial Period. The deep circuses, vast moraines, glacial valleys and crystal blue eyes of Pirin – the lakes, have remained from the one-time glaciation.  

Pirin National Park is located in the most beautiful, magnificent and visited tourist part of Pirin, between the locations Predel and Todorova Polyana.  More than 50 marble and granite peaks more than 2500m high fall within the borders of the park. Vihren is the highest among them – 2914 m above the sea level, the third highest peak on the Balkan Peninsula. From the rocky mountains to the valleys, the mountain is furrowed by 35 big and small circuses whose “beds” host about 170 glacial lakes.


Due to its unique natural complex, since 1983 Pirin National Park is included in the UNESCO convention for protection of world cultural and natural heritage.

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