Официален туристически портал на Община Банско. Туристическа информация за Банско, кутурен афиш.



The laboratory serves the residents and guests of  Bansko, as well as participants in winter sports competitions. It is a branch of the one in the renowned private pre-hospital  medical institution DCC "Neoclinic", which is licensed as a reference for tests for Covid-19.

The laboratory also has antigen tests, and the research with them will be at a preferential price, which does not include the value of the test, but only for the manipulation. Employers from the municipality will be able to use these tests to conduct a survey of their employees in case of need. The release of the tests will take place after a preliminary applications, submitted to the municipal administration. More information  about  the applications can be obtained from the Municipality of Bansko by phone +359 749/88625.

You can get the necessary information about the tests and manipulations performed in the laboratory by phone + 359 877 761 201.

The laboratory is equipped with high class equipment and apparatus, which allows the samples to be examined on site.

The laboratory doctor is Dr. Galina Tsoneva, a specialist with many years of practice in Germany, and the virologist is Dr. Valentina Kovaleva.

Except for coronaviruses, the laboratory has the ability to perform complete clinical trials.

Address: The roundabout of Ikonom Chuchulayn str. and Tsar Simeon str.

Phone: + 359 877 761 201

Working hours: Monday – Saturday / 8:00 h– 15:00 h

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