Официален туристически портал на Община Банско. Туристическа информация за Банско, кутурен афиш.



Fulling mills in Bansko

The fulling mills where rugs, tufted rugs, blankets are washed are interesting ethnographic sites. When milled, woolen stuff become softer and have fluffy surface. Later on, this facility starts being used for washing without soap or detergents. Nowadays, there is an operating fulling mill on Glazne St. in Gurovitsa location, and another one next to the down station of the gondola.



Bansko babugeri /kukeri/

On the New Year’s eve local men dress like babugeri /kukeri/, dance across the streets and chase evil forces. Traditionally, they are dressed in fur, wear fur masks /surati/ on their heads, and hang heavy bells /chanove/ around their waists.



Wood carving

Wood is a cult for the Bansko citizens. They feel almost religious emotions for wood and once in their hands, it comes to life in different forms and colours. Woodwork and wood carving are traditionally well developed ancient crafts.

Talented wood-carvers – descendants of old masters – craftsmen, spread Bansko’s fame today with their skilful wood carve.


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